Over the years we have discovered various products and services which have become invaluable tools in the running of our business. We are pleased to share some of them here and hope that you will find them useful too.


The more that we use Evernote, the more we realise how invaluable it is for business and personal.

Whether creating a project to-do list (with check-boxes) or taking a screenshot of an article to review later, Evernote is whatever you want it to be. You can save text, images or documents and whatever you capture is available across all of your devices. Often we’ll add a thought or reminder into our smartphone when we’re out and it’s there waiting for us on our computer when we return.

It’s also great for sharing work-files with co-workers (or personal items with your significant other).

There are 4 levels of plan available. The Basic plan is free and gives you 60MB of new uploads each month. There are 3 paid plans for those individuals or businesses that need bigger upload capacities.


Jing is a free and simple way to capture and share images and short videos from your computer screen. Take a screenshot, add some comments and then share it. Or make a video of everything that you see and do on your screen, with narration if you choose. The only (minor) restriction is that the video length is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.


Fiverr should be on everyone's list. It is simply amazing what people will do for you for 5 dollars. Want a new logo? Want an image cropped, or manipulated? Want your PowerPoint presentation enhanced? It's all available on Fiverr. Spend some time exploring what services are on offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.
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